Equestrian Sand

One of the main components in the construction of almost all equestrian arenas is sand.
However not all sands are created equal. Almost everyone who designs or builds top quality arenas does agree that the type of sand you use can make a big difference in the quality and useful life of your arena. A quality arena protects the comfort, soundness, and performance of your horses. A poor footing can create untold hardships for your horses.

When choosing your arena sand, remember that there are 6 key words that describe the sand the arena design professionals prefer:

Particle Shape- The shape of the grains of sand play an important role in the way your sand preforms. For the best footing steer clear of round sands, such as river or ocean sand. The roundness makes them roll and shift. The best coice of sand, is angular to sub angular, which makes the sand lock in better and provides better stability underfoot. The sand should also be free of silt, clay or organic materials. These elements break down quickly and create more dust.
In this day of new technology, there are many additives that can be mixed in to sand, to create a professional quality arena. Check with your builder or the company that makes equestrian arena additives and they will probably say that Cal-Silica Equestrian sands are ideal for arena construction.

Cal-Silica Equestrian Sands
California Silica Sands are a very high purity quartz product. Our sand is about 97% silica quartz, and test in excess of 6 on a MOH's hardness test. Our sands are angular to sub-angular, with virtually no round sand in it. Our sand is a crushed sand, mined out of mountain quartz deposits, not river or beach sand. We can blend or mix any size sand your arena specifications call for.

Arena Footing
Arena footing is one of the most important ingredients in the development of horses during training. Horses experience a lot of stress especially when they preform at a high level. With good reason, today’s trainers and riders are becoming more demanding about the riding surface.

For this reason, consider Cal-Silica Sand as your first and best choice in the construction of your quality equestrian arena.